"This has been one of the most interesting courses taken in my working career. In no small part this was because of the knowledge and experience the instructor shared as the course progressed. I highly recommend this course with this instructor. Thanks John! "
J W OPG, Canada
April 2018
"Thank you for all your work in putting this on-site training course together. It was a very successful course. We have a better understanding now of corona and use of the UV camera, which will allow us to get started with adding this inspection into our PdM program. "
D. Spina, OPG, Canada
April 2018
"All info was presented in a very understandable manner. The class enriched very much my knowledge about UV technology. I have been using Ofil's Superb 5-6 year without official training, taught by other users & self learning. The class was very helpful! qualifying some things I have previously learned, and also teaching new knowledge not previously acquired"
J. Comstock, Duke Energy, USA
May 2017
" Thank you for everything that you have done. You are such an amazing instructor!"
T. Lalitpasan, UNIPOWER, Thailand
July 2016
"The tutor was very knowledgeable and experienced, which made the lengthy class time go by better"
A. Moorman, Substation Specialist, Georgia Power
Nov 2016
"I would just like you to know that I liked your course very much and gained a great deal of confidence in utilizing the corona camera to further develop my abilities to troubleshoot potential powerline failures."
S. Young, Shell, Albian Sands, Canada
September 2015
"… I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and tell you how much I enjoyed the training. The facility was great and the program was exceptional. Paul was an excellent instructor and made things very easy to understand. As I come across issues I will pass them along, especially if it involves switchgear."
A. Schwartz, Senior Engineering Technologist, Transmission, Duke Energy USA
Nov 2014
" Very enjoyable and beneficial training! Looking forward to putting to use"
G. Harrison, Tech Support, Duke Energy USA
November 2014
"Thank you for the class! It was very educational and gave me the knowledge and confidence to use UV/solarblind cameras in the future. "
D.B. Ass.Dir. of Flight Operations
May 2012
"The class turned out to be very useful, educative. Over 90% of the participants were from the high voltage transmission, substation kind of work. I was most probably the only one from a manufacturing setting and so we use it for a different setting. It was good to mix with this group and review my power knowledge. "
G.M. Electrical Engineer
November 2011
"It was great….Paul is very knowledgeable and helped in answering some of the concerns I had "
Acting Assistant Area Manager
November 2011
" We are surveying 700 substations in our territory. We take the knowledge learned to identify equipment in the field that deserves a closer visual inspection and potential action based on more detailed findings"
F.S. Sr. Advising Engineer
June 2011
"I attended your class in Calgary, Alberta Canada last year - it was very useful"
D.H. CEO, Advanced Surface Technologies
June 2011
"I took your course last year. It was very informative and A good experience "
W.N .President (service company)
Nov 2011
" Thank you and your comapany for excellent corona inspection course. It was useful for me and I have very nice recollections"
I.H. High Voltage Lab
July 2010
"It was very important to know the theoretical aspects of corona"
E.A, Technical Director
May 2010
"Excellent course. I will recommend CITI to my peers"
K.Mc . Electircal Engineer
May 2010
"Very good information and knowledgable tutors. Had no idea so much could be learnt with one device"
L.C. Electircal Engineer
May 2010
"This was a well instructed course that I would recomend to anyone interested in this field"
K. M. SR.Transmission Specialist
May 25, 2010